Emma Foley arrives home to find her father in the bathroom with the body of her mother in his arms.
Did he find her dead or did he have something to do with it?
Emma embarks on a journey to find out what really happened to her mother and discovers more than she bargained for.


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Emma’s Journey

Emma Foley, a 22 year old University law student, arrives home to find her father Luke bent over the bath, her mother, Holly in his arms and pills on the bench. Paramedics are called but it’s too late.

When Senior Detective Kristina Hamilton is called to attend the scene of the suicide, she has other thoughts about what might have happened. How many bath drownings are actually suicide? The first person in her sight is Luke.

The same day, multiple bodies are found at Mt. Disappointment, now there’s a serial killer on the loose.

Kristina’s job has increased exponentially by the number of bodies found in the forest and is still increasing.

Emma discovers her father is a suspect and being a loyal daughter, doesn’t believe he is capable of hurting her mother. However there are unspoken doubts.

She discovers her mother kept a secret for years and her goal is to not only discover that secret, but also who might have had cause to kill her. Unfortunately the list of people grows as she embarks on a journey which leads her in a totally unexpected direction.